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I'm happy to add that VWP is back in 6.9 M1! I'm really happy about it!

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Futaleufu_John < >

     03/09/2010 07:00 AM
Please respond to

[nbusers] Re: Need an Help in JSP Page

I'm not sure which version of NB you are using. VWP is not supported in NB
6.8 but is supported in NB 6.7.

For legacy reasons I do not use Woodstock but an older version of VWP.

To control the position and sizing of components, I use a Grid Panel as the
master layout panel. I add a Layout Panel to the Grid Panel then add the
Table to the Layout Panel. The Layout Panels can stretch or shrink based on
the table size. This keeps the tables from "overwriting" each other or other

The following example is from one of my JSP pages.

<h:panelGrid id="masterGP" style="left: 12px; top: 120px; position:
absolute" width="912">
   <ui:panelLayout id="bidLocationsLP" panelLayout="flow" style="">
       <ui:table binding="#{Manage_Bids.propertiesTable}"
clearSortButton="true" id="propertiesTable" paginateButton="true"
paginationControls="true" title="Properties">
           <ui:tableRowGroup binding="#{Manage_Bids.propertiesRG}"
id="propertiesRG" rows="5" sourceData="#{Manage_Bids.contactsOADP}"
               <ui:tableColumn headerText="Property Name"
id="propertyNameColumn1" sort="organizationName" width="25%">
                   <ui:staticText id="propertyNameST"
               <ui:tableColumn headerText="Address" id="addressColumn"
sort="address1" width="25%">
                   <ui:staticText id="addressST"
               <ui:tableColumn headerText="City" id="cityColumn"
sort="city" width="17%">
                   <ui:staticText id="cityST"
               <ui:tableColumn headerText="St" id="stateColumn"
sort="stateCode" width="5%">
                   <ui:staticText id="stateST"
               <ui:tableColumn headerText="Zip" id="zipCodeColumn"
sort="zipCode" width="10%">
                   <ui:staticText id="zipCodeST"
   <ui:panelLayout id="bidsLP" style="width: 100%">
       <ui:table augmentTitle="false" clearSortButton="true" id="bidsTable"
paginateButton="true" paginationControls="true"title="Bids Linked to
Selected Property">
           <ui:tableRowGroup binding="#{Manage_Bids.bidsRG}" id="bidsRG"
rows="5" sourceData="#{Manage_Bids.bidsOADP}" sourceVar="currentRow">
               <ui:tableColumn headerText="Property Name"
id="propertyNameColumn" sort="propertyName" width="22%">
                   <ui:staticText id="propertyNameST1"
               <ui:tableColumn headerText="Description" id="scopeColumn"
sort="bidDescription" width="22%">
                   <ui:staticText id="scopeST"
               <ui:tableColumn headerText="Estimator" id="estimatorColumn"
sort="estimatedByName" width="15%">
                   <ui:staticText id="estimatorST"
               <ui:tableColumn headerText="Prepared By"
id="preparedByColumn" sort="preparedByName" width="15%">
                   <ui:staticText id="preparedByST"
               <ui:tableColumn headerText="Created" id="createdColumn"
sort="bidCreated" width="18%">
converter="#{Manage_Bids.dateTimeConverter}" id="createdST"

vinothkumarrvk wrote:
> [Rolling Eyes]
> I want an table with one row of height 200px and another row with relative
> height of the table or expandable height in JSP page.
> Is it possible to create like it?

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[nbusers] Need an Help in JSP Page

vinothkumarrvk 03/09/2010

[nbusers] Re: Need an Help in JSP Page

Futaleufu_John 03/09/2010

[nbusers] Re: Need an Help in JSP Page

Javier . Ortiz 03/09/2010

[nbusers] Need an Help in JSP Page

aybiss 03/09/2010

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