[nbusers] how to display "select" query

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  • Subject: [nbusers] how to display "select" query
  • Date: Mon, 08 Mar 2010 01:06:32 +0000

first, i'm not good in english
so i'm sorry if my question is not understandable.. :P 
i want to display all data in one table
but...if i use this code
try {
      Statement stmt;
      ResultSet rsult;
      String url =
      Connection con =
                                 url,"root", "password");
      stmt = con.createStatement();
      rsult= stmt.executeQuery("SELECT * FROM `finance1`");
       while (rsult.next()) {
           String tipe_input = rsult.getString("tipe_input");
           String input      = rsult.getString("input");
           jTextField1.setText(tipe_input + input);
        catch( Exception salah ) {
j Text Field only display the last row of the data that i wanted
any advice?

thanx before..  [Rolling Eyes]

just do it !!

[nbusers] how to display "select" query

adhi 03/08/2010

[nbusers] Re: how to display "select" query

Mark Wade 03/08/2010

[nbusers] Re: how to display "select" query

Witold Szczerba 03/08/2010

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