[nbui] not sure if this is the right forum but...

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  • Date: Tue, 29 May 2012 09:15:42 -0400

…I posted the question on nbusers and nobody seems to know, so I'll ask it here:

In NB 7.2beta, under Preferences/Options->Editor->Hints, the online help speaks of what appears to be a nonexistent option to display hints in the "Problems" window:

You can set the following options:
• Language. Select which language's hints you want to customize. The hints for the selected language appear in the tree view of hints.
• Tree view. Beneath the Language field is a tree view of the hints for that language. Tick a hint or group of hints for that hint or group of hints to display. When you select a hint, the Show As field for that hint is enabled, and a description of the hint appears in the Description field.
• Search. Enabled only for Java hints. Type part of the hint name in the field, and the IDE filters the tree view of hints to include only relevant hints.
• Show As. For the selected hint, select whether to display the hint as an error, a warning, a warning on the current line, or as info.
Show in problem window. Java only. Show the hint in the Output window as a problem.
• Description. Description of the selected hint. This field cannot be edited.
• Export/Import. Export hint settings as a zip archive, or import hint settings from a zip archive.

Can you clarify what was meant here?  Is the help/documentation ahead of actual implementation?  I would love to have this feature (I think I may have even written an enhancement request for it at some point).  Any information is much appreciated.

Best regards,
Thomas Wolf

[nbui] not sure if this is the right forum but...

Thomas Wolf 05/29/2012

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