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  • Date: Fri, 02 Dec 2011 08:17:44 +1100

It appears that our developers and the whole bank's are a statistical anomaly ;-)

The "ask you to install the CVS plugin" bit seems to be where the bug is as it's not doing that.

On 02/12/11 00:54, 

David Strupl wrote:

Nigel, CVS is being replaced by newer versioning systems. Our statistics show 
that the number of users using CVS is declining. After adding Hg and Git we 
think this area is well covered especially for the future. With limited 
resources we must choose what to support and what not.

BTW when you open a project from your local CVS checkout the IDE will ask you 
to install the CVS plugin from the Update Center automatically.

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[nbpodcast] Re: Comment: NetBeans Podcast #58

Nigel Leck 12/01/2011

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