[nbj2ee] jTable: won't render after setValueAt ()

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  • Subject: [nbj2ee] jTable: won't render after setValueAt ()
  • Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2012 16:35:16 -0500

Hello all.
I have a program designed with NetBeans GUI designer. It contains a jTable 
component, which uses a DefaultTableModel table model.

I try to set by program a new value to the table using function 
setValueAt(...). Such code is situated in some event handler:

jTable1.setValueAt(99, 0, 0);
tmp=(int)(jTable1.getValueAt(0, 0));

In debug mode, tmp variable contains an integer value 99. But table renders 
nothing. What kind of problem it can be?
I try to set by program a new value to the table by

[nbj2ee] jTable: won't render after setValueAt ()

Elektrichker 11/27/2012

[nbj2ee] Re: jTable: won't render after setValueAt ()

John Yeary 11/28/2012

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