[nbj2ee] Overriding .class files in jar-file

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  • Subject: [nbj2ee] Overriding .class files in jar-file
  • Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2012 03:39:57 -0400

Hi again,

just found it.
Couldn't have been simpler:

In the Project Properties, go to "Libraries" -> "Run" Tab.

Then reverse the order of the Run-time libraries by moving up the "Compiled 
Sources" above the "Classpath for Compiling Sources".


Kind regards :D

[nbj2ee] Overriding .class files in jar-file

thomashaberkorn 08/16/2012

[nbj2ee] Overriding .class files in jar-file

thomashaberkorn 08/17/2012

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