[nbdev] Re: Ant question on module suites

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  • Subject: [nbdev] Re: Ant question on module suites
  • Date: Tue, 09 Apr 2013 17:13:40 -0700

Each module has an empty build.xml where you can put customizations. Here's the key parts of a build.xml for a module (actually a library wrapper) that I've got. It invokes ant to build the project that is being wrapped when NB does a "release". As suggested, check out harness/README to find a suitable target for you to override. You can turn up Tools>Options>Java>Ant>VerbosityLevel for more info on what targets are being used when you build.

There is also a clean target. Note in the "clean" target how is depends on the normal action that is done by clean. So the regular clean stuff is done, followed by invoking ant on the other project.

So this shows two cases:
  • completely replacing the "release" target
  • adding stuff to the "clean" target"

<!-- You may freely edit this file. See harness/README in the NetBeans platform -->
<!-- for some information on what you could do (e.g. targets to override). -->
<!-- If you delete this file and reopen the project it will be recreated. -->
<project name="com.raelity.jvi" default="netbeans" basedir=".">
    <property name="original.project.dir" value="../../jvi"/>
    <target name="release">
        <echo message="Building ${original.project.dir}" level="info"/>


        <ant dir="${original.project.dir}"
             target="jar" inheritall="false" inheritrefs="false"/>
        <echo message="Done building ${original.project.dir}" level="info"/>
    <target name="clean" depends="projectized-common.clean">
        <echo message="Cleaning ${original.project.dir}" level="info"/>
        <ant dir="${original.project.dir}"
            target="clean" inheritall="false" inheritrefs="false"/>
        <echo message="Done cleaning ${original.project.dir}" level="info"/>


On 4/9/2013 2:48 PM, Hermann Matthes wrote:
" type="cite">Hello Peter,
I absolutely have no glue how to do that. Is it a lot of effort to get familiar with ant (about 30 years ago I worked with "make". But I worry that ant is much more complicated) ?


Am 09.04.2013 08:04, schrieb PN:
Hi Herman,

You could just extend Your build scripts with specific targets, starting builds of dependencies.

Kind regards

Am 06.04.2013 02:22, schrieb Hermann Matthes:
Hello all,
in my Client/Server Project I have several _Ant based_ modul suites. I
the following graphic the suites on the left are the deliverables. The
arrows show the dependencies between the module suites.

Is there a way to automatically build for example module suites "Client"
and "Common" if I manually build suite "Admin Client" ?


[nbdev] Ant question on module suites

Hermann Matthes 04/06/2013

[nbdev] Re: Ant question on module suites

PN 04/09/2013

[nbdev] Re: Ant question on module suites

Hermann Matthes 04/09/2013

[nbdev] Re: Ant question on module suites

Ernie Rael 04/10/2013

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