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Part of your problem is you are starting with a sophisticated build tool, Maven. On top of learning Java and your IDE, NetBeans, you are learning a build tool. All things you will eventually need, but different components which are orthogonal to "learning Java". Have you programmed without the IDE yet? What about without a build tool? Now, if you must use the IDE right off, it may be easier to use Ant projects or NetBeans standard project types. At least you can use the IDEs notion of libraries to attach libraries you download without having to learn Maven on top. Now, I use Maven and it is good stuff to me, but you will be learning a lot about it before you get to running and building if you use libraries which are not in Maven Central or your local Maven repository.

Anyways, you need to see if there is a repository where geotools artifacts are kept. Maybe they are in Central. If not or one doesn't exist, then you need to add the library to your local Maven repository. Then you need to add a dependency to your pom.xml file. Google bits of that and you will find what you need.



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On Jan 9, 2013 7:22 AM, "PARDHU D" < "> > wrote:
Hi to all,

I am using Windows XP (OS), NetBeans IDE 7.2.1 and apache-maven-3.0.4. I am a new comer for java coding. I checked that maven was compiled successfully (mvn version in command prompt). I got a problem while creating maven project using geotools in NetBeans IDE 7.2.1.

Off-course I already follow the steps in below link.

http://docs.geotools.org/latest/userguide/tutorial/quickstart/netbeans.html  "

I got a problem that is while creating maven project I did not get Libraries folder. Here I attached one window which contains maven project created by me.

Initially my objective is to open a shape file into NetBeans IDE 7.2.1.

Hope I will get a perfect solution.

D Pardhu

[nbdev] Geotools in NetBeans IDE 7.2.1

PARDHU D 01/09/2013

[nbdev] Re: Geotools in NetBeans IDE 7.2.1

Leonardo Cabral 01/09/2013

[nbdev] Re: Geotools in NetBeans IDE 7.2.1

Wade Chandler 01/09/2013

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