[nbdev] Property Evaluation Inside of an 'nblibraries.properties' File

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  • Subject: [nbdev] Property Evaluation Inside of an 'nblibraries.properties' File
  • Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2012 13:32:45 -0700

I am trying to make it easier for other developers to use my nbplatform-dependent libraries outside of an RCP application.  I have an ‘nblibraries.properties’ file for this purpose, and this file contains references to a property that the user defines inside of his or her own (java application) project.


When the project defines this property, the project builds fine both inside and outside of the IDE.  However, the IDE (7.2.1) reports a reference problem, as it does not know evaluate this property.  I have tried defining the property in both ‘nbproject/project.properties’ and ‘nbproject/private/private.properties’.  No luck.


While the IDE does not know how to evaluate my own property, it seems to know how to evaluate ${base} just fine.  Perhaps this is a hard-coded special case?  I went looking into the source to see just what determines which properties the project type will evaluate, but this appears to be an onion with many layers.  Help?


Dave Charles

Principal Software Engineer

Microchip Technology, Inc.


[nbdev] Property Evaluation Inside of an 'nblibraries.properties' File

Dave.Charles 11/28/2012

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