[nbdev] CND plugin and implementation dependencies

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  • Subject: [nbdev] CND plugin and implementation dependencies
  • Date: Mon, 08 Oct 2012 09:20:58 +0200

I intend to write a plugin that adds some functionality to the CND makefile project type. Unfortunately it seems to be problematic to use any of the CND modules as they do not publicly export any APIs to non-friends.
I understand it is generally not the desired approach to introduce implementation dependencies on other modules, especially for plugins.
My question is: Can I write a plugin module that has an implementation dependency on one CND module without having to rebuild on each NetBeans CND update? Is there some sort of semi-official agreement that the implementation version of the CND modules is not increased often and the API is more or less stable?
I intend to use the C/C++/Discovery System module (org.netbeans.modules.cnd.discovery) to enable my plugin to save projects before it can directly modify the nbproject/configurations.xml file.
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[nbdev] CND plugin and implementation dependencies

Thorsten Schemm 10/08/2012

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