[api-changes] [Bug 160415] Stabilize Search API

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 2013-02-27 16:05:00 UTC ---
Excerpt from email written by Jaroslav Tulach:

= %< ================================

I'd like to propose a bit of cleanup.

1. Rename "openidex.search" to "Deprecated, old search API".

2. Rename "api.search" to "Search API" (it does not seem to have project 
dependency anyway)

3. List the api.search among stable APIs

In addition to that I'd suggest a bit of javadoc polishing. Each package 
should have package.html description. Usecases should use <a 
href="@TOP@/fqn/Cls.html">Cls</a> to link to real classes.

================================ >% =

Fixed in attached patch.

Is it OK to keep API SearchProviderUIAPI in category Under Development?
(Other APIs in module api.search were marked as Stable.)

Is API review needed before making the API stable?

Thank you.

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[api-changes] [Bug 160415] Stabilize Search API

jhavlin 02/27/2013

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[api-changes] [Bug 160415] Stabilize Search API

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[api-changes] [Bug 160415] Stabilize Search API

jhavlin 02/28/2013

[api-changes] [Bug 160415] Stabilize Search API

jtulach 02/28/2013

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