[api-changes] Thanks for your contribution to the NetBeans 7.2

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  • Subject: [api-changes] Thanks for your contribution to the NetBeans 7.2

Dear NetBeans User,

In the past you have taken the time to report issues that you encountered while using NetBeans software. A new version (NetBeans 7.2) has just been released,and we'd like to inform you that the following issue(s) you reported have been addressed in the new release:

103159FileEvents delivered sooner than Modules enabled/disabled
177636xam.AbstractModel.endTransaction throws undocumented ISE when XML file r/o
1917775s - MIMESupport.findMIMEType() - layer based registration of mime type
200571When security checking disabled, allow replacement of TopSecurityManager
203203Global shortcuts cannot be un-defined by a keymap profile
203220Opening Maven NBM w/ ergonomics claims apisupport not installed when merely disabled
203790NullPointerException at org.eclipse.equinox.internal.security.storage.PasswordProviderSelector.getInstance
204174MultiViewProcessor fails to use validateResource on iconBase
204513Startup with ergonomics on isn't faster than with ergonomics off
205104Provide an abstraction of ProcessBuilder in extexecution
205678Don't read all JARs when finding covered packages with Netbinox
206093Need explicit marker for eager action registration
206434masterfs depends on JNA
207189Parsing API needs to tell recursive listener which folders to skip
207340VersioningSystem should use CollocationQueryImplementation2
207704ScanUtils background scan - aware support
207724Allow listening for DoS events
208160Position of mime resolvers is broken & they may be ignored in unit tests
208570Utility methods to add attribute values to an annotation
208713"SortableColumns" Property value being ignored in OutlineView
208779DataShadows should translate the original URL for b/w compatibility
208794Component-based quick search service
209018LifecycleManager API does not provide a way to exit the IDE with a custom status
209322proxyLookup.allInstances().iterator() should be interative
209475Allow NbProxySelector to proxy connections to localhost
209559Sendopts API hard to use
209798New API to create CompilationUnitTree from a template
209828Enhance HintTest to allow asserting on warning's fixes, without actually applying any of the fixes
210700Editor Search in 7.2 is different than in 7.0
212068Download progress bar stuck while downloading external NBM content
212326Need to a new overload for ErrorDescriptionFactory.createErrorDescription taking PositionBounds
212364Malformed dot-separated identifier when artifactid contains dot separated numbers
213562NetBeans 7.2 does not support UNC paths

Please visit the netbeans.org website to download NetBeans 7.2 and to learn more about the new release.

We appreciate your contribution to our efforts to make NetBeans software and features better for all users. And as always, we look forward to your feedback on how we can continue to improve NetBeans.

Thank you.

The NetBeans Team

[api-changes] Thanks for your contribution to the NetBeans 7.2

quality 07/25/2012

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