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Lock/Unlock feature wanted by subversion users. See [ 95177]. This page summarizes the needs, scenarios and possible solutions for the feature. =Scenarios, actions and basic UI requirements= ==Lock user action== * locks (attempts to lock) a set of files * equivalent for ''svn lock [--force] [-m comment] files'' '''UI''' * a dialog with a message text-area, recent messages and templates * ''--force'' option displayed only when any file locked remotely or display a warning dialog when the lock fails? ==Unlock user action== * unlocks (attempts to unlock) a set of files * equivalent for ''svn unlock [--force] files'' '''UI''' * probably no UI, just unlock all locked files * when a file is locked remotely, display a warning dialog offering ''--force''? * should work recursively ==Annotations== Locked files should be annotated accordingly. '''Notes''' * We cannot annotate such files with color. Such a file can be both modified and locked, we would need to display both colors. What about having every first letter blue (modified) and every second letter e.g. yellow (locked). That would be a nice discotheque. ** Will be annotated only with a label - visible in projects view with Show versioning labels on and always in the versioning view * The fact that a file is locked by another user may be acquired only from a server, so we need to do some net operations. So i suggest display the status only when a remote status is called (a refresh in the versioning view with the remote changes mode) * We need to come with a label annotation for remotely and locally locked status ** '''K''' for local and '''O''' for remote? ==On demand locking== Although locked files are not set to read-only by default, subversion offers an option. Every file that has the property ''svn:needs-lock'' set is by default set to read-only in an unlocked state. To be able to edit the file one needs to acquire a lock on that file. For such files we need to find a way to make them writable on demand. '''Notes''' * When user starts editing a file, we need to check if the file is read-only and if the ''svn:needs-lock'' property is set. In such case contact the server and attempts to lock the file in background. * How about the refactoring? Refactoring runs outside of AWT, the file will be locked during the refactoring process. * There will be an option in Tools->Options: "Automatically lock files with svn:needs-lock property".

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