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NetBeans Git Integration Plan

... work in progress ...


End of June 2010

  • usecases and func spec


End of August 2010

  • get an idea about jgit
    • if and how it covers all the commands needed - see functional spec
    • find alternatives if needed - e.g cli
  • finalize usecases and func spec
  • UI spec - cover at least interesting UC needed for implementation
  • implementation plan


12 November 2010

Early acces on UC.


  • standard workflow and diff usecases
  • limited IDE integration

setup, infrastructure & co.

  • setup modules (DONE)
    • add to repo (not in build) (DONE)
    • mailing lists, bugzilla, ... (DONE)
  • document module install, setup, custom build etc.

IDE integration

  • automatically recognize a git clone when opening a project /mounting a folder in the IDE (DONE)
  • rudimentary status caching (DONE)
  • show/annotate file status including inline diff in editor view (DONE)
  • main/popup menu (DONE)
  • handling file events from the IDE (DONE)
    • most typical scenarios for create, delete, move, copy.
    • discovering external changes or more complex file operations (scenarios) not included

Covered Use Cases

M4 (on update center of 7.0)

17 February 2011

IDE integration

  • finalize status recognition and caching (DONE)
  • finalize file events handling (DONE)
  • bugtracking integration - commit (DONE), search history,

Covered Use Cases

Branching and Merging

M5 (14. May 2011, planned for 7.0.1)

Covered Use Cases

Distributed workflow
Branching and Merging
Source Archeology
  • Search history of files (DONE) - more or less. Implementation based on the old (mercurial) template, not according to the new UI specs.
  • Blame "DONE" - integrated into 7.0.1

M6 (finalize in 7.1)

Use Cases

Source Archeology
  • Blame (DONE) - implemented in trunk
Nice to Have

Features that might be implemented by the community:

Project Features

Wiki Controls

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