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Git Support Development Open Issues

All known and not yet resolved questions and open issues. Feel free to add whatever troubles your mind and is somehow related to the git plugin development ...


  • jgit - what about ssh? how is it supported?
  • jgit - what about protocols other than ssh?
  • it is not trivial to implement merge with jgit. egit still does not support merging. We can consider using java git command line wrapper (which also does not support merge :(, but it should not be hard to implement it.)



  • support also signature? how much is this a interesting usecase?


  • evaluate tracking of block moves
  • search diff in log for a string
    git log -S'text'
    could be also useful as an action in the editors blame bar

Index vs working tree

- modified files which aren't explicitly staged for a commit aren't handled by a following commit command. With other words - in case a file isn't staged in the commit index it behaves like "excluded" in our svn or hg support. Do we want to regard this behavior in the IDE? If yes then how? Impacted areas would be:

    • Commit and (implicit) Add
    • Diff, Inline diff
    • Export diff
    • Status annotation in explorer views
    • Git View
    • ...

Author vs. Commiter

  • Commit dialog?
  • Annotations
  • History/Log

Status scan and ignored folders

  • Should we prune the scanned tree during a status scan? Now we do.
  • Basically it makes sense to omit ignored folders and do not traverse anything under such a folder and thus get a dramatic performance improvement in case of e.g. dist or build folders.
  • But is there a chance someone would have versioned files under such a folder? In that case these files would be skipped and the user would never have a chance to commit them from inside the IDE.
  • Possible solutions
    • an option to disable the pruning
    • more complex: prune automatically only some folders (like build, dist - i.e. those ignored by Sharability)

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