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  • Date: Sat, 28 Jan 2012 20:13:50 +0200

Glad to hear that there is a community effort to keep the ruby support. Then I will stick with NetBeans after all - NetBeans looks very good to me in every other respect.

Now I need more experience with NB 6.9.1, and I will certainly try 7.x later.

- Jussi

On 28.1.2012 16.05, Thomas E Enebo wrote:
This article will allow you to install Ruby on Netbeans for the time
being until it shows up in the catalog:

As an update...

After spending some time this last week the number of unit test
failures from updating stuff (jruby 1.1.4 ->, new html editor)
is done to 17 (with ~1300 passers).  The currect activity is to stop
embedding jruby as a patched set of source and directly consume it
from OSGi, which will make updating JRuby become a nearly trivial
activitiy once done.

I messed up with the release of Netbeans 1.7 and a bug has also not
helped in pushing a release to the update calendar, but things will
get ironed out.   Please try out the preview mentioned in the blog
entry and give feedbeck.

NetBeans with ruby - no more

Jussi Hirvi 01/28/2012

Re: NetBeans with ruby - no more

Thomas E Enebo 01/28/2012

Re: NetBeans with ruby - no more

Jussi Hirvi 01/28/2012

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