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    <TITLE>NetBeans Quality Engineering Page</TITLE>
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        <h3>About Us</h3>
        NetBeans QE is testing, certificating and assuring quality of NetBeans releases.
        We are a part of the NetBeans community.
        <h3>Mission Statement</h3>
        Provide an easy way for volunteers to find, report
        and better define issues and to help us increase quality of NetBeans releases.
        <li> Latest Test Build: <a href=""> build</a> (select <b>6.5</b> or <b>6.1</b> & <b>Daily</b>)
    <table border="0" cellspacing="5" cellpadding="5">
        <tr><td colspan="2"><h3 style="font-size: 14pt">NetBeans Quality Engineering</h3></td></tr>
        <tr bgcolor="#EAEAEA"><td><a href="helping.html">How Can You Help ?</a></td><td>Steps to help us make NetBeans the best IDE.</td></tr>
        <tr bgcolor="#EAEAEA"><td><a href="">Report A Problem</a></td><td>How to report new issue, find out if a bug has been previously reported, set an appropriate priority.</td></tr>
        <tr bgcolor="#EAEAEA"><td><a href="">Issues Quick Links</a></td><td>Provides links to IssueZilla that make it easier to find lists of Issues.</td></tr>
        <tr bgcolor="#EAEAEA"><td><a href="">Issue's Life-Cycle</a></td><td>Provides information and rules how to handle with Issues.</td></tr>
        <tr bgcolor="#EAEAEA"><td><a href="">IssueZilla Graphs and Numbers</a></td><td>Quality of NetBeans modules in graphs and numbers.</td></tr>
        <tr bgcolor="#EAEAEA"><td><a href="processes/moduledevelopers.html">Quality for NB Module Developers</a></td><td>Provides useful information's for module writers how to keep high quality of modules and make them rock solid.</td></tr>
        <tr bgcolor="#EAEAEA"><td><a href="">Test Specifications</a></td><td> Step by step documents to test NetBeans functionality.</td></tr>
        <tr bgcolor="#EAEAEA"><td><a href="">QE Test Tools</a></td><td>List of tools NetBeans QE team is using for assuring quality.</td></tr>
        <tr bgcolor="#eaeaea"><td><a href="">Milestones</a></td><td>Iterative development and quality process for NetBeans.</td></tr>
<!--        <tr bgcolor="#EAEAEA"><td><a href="processes/q-builds-program.html">Q-build program</a></td><td>Process to assure quality of NetBeans 5.5 development builds.</td></tr> -->
        <tr bgcolor="#EAEAEA"><td><img src="" align="middle"> <a href="">NetCAT program</a></td><td>NetBeans Community Acceptance Testing program to get active community members involved in testing of the NetBeans Beta and RC builds.</td></tr>
        <tr bgcolor="#EAEAEA"><td><a href="contact.html">Contact Us</a></td><td>The ways you can communicate with NetBeans QE team</td></tr>
    <h3>Who Can Help?</h3>
    Everyone using NetBeans and reporting issues is involved in the rising 
    quality of NetBeans and we are thankful for all your feedback and help.
        If you have any question don't hesitate to send us an <a href="">email</a>.
    <p/><h3>Companion Projects</h3>
            <td width="240">
                <img src="" align="middle"><a href=""> GlassFish Quality Community</a>
                - join our associated project <a href="">GlassFish</a> - free, open source application server which implements the newest features in the Java EE 5 platform.

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QA was started in November 2009, is owned by Jiří Kovalský, and has 104 members.
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