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        <TITLE>How Can I Help ?</TITLE>
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        <h2>How Can I Help ?</h2>

        We are looking for any volunteers to help us improve quality of NetBeans.
        <b>Each hands count, any volunteers are welcome !</b>

        Follow these steps to get involved in testing NetBeans:
        <table border="0" cellspacing="5" cellpadding="5">
            <tr bgcolor="#EAEAEA">
                <td><a href="">Register</a></td>
                <td> ... and <a href="">
                log in </a> to Issuezilla and file bug reports and enhancement requests.</td>
            <tr bgcolor="#EAEAEA">
                <td><a href="">Download</a></td>
                <td> ... and run the latest builds of NetBeans</td>
            <tr bgcolor="#EAEAEA">
                <td> ... <a href="">test specifications</a> on latest builds of NetBeans</td>
            <tr bgcolor="#EAEAEA">
                <td> ... in the <a href="">milestone program</a></td>
            <tr bgcolor="#EAEAEA">
                <td> ... in programs such as <a href="processes/cat/65/index.html">NetBeans Community Acceptance Testing</a> (NetCAT)</td>
            <tr bgcolor="#EAEAEA">
                <td><a href="">Subscribe</a></td>
                <td> ...  and contribute to <a href=""></a> and to other community mailing lists.</td>

            It is not necessary to go through all of the above steps. 
            It is up to you to decide what level of participation suits you best.


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