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= Python Project= Welcome to the Python Project. This is an open-source Java project which aims to update Python support for NetBeans to (1) meet the Quality Criteria for NetBeans plugins, and (2) add new functionality going forward. "This is a community-driven effort. Oracle does not actively participate in or directly support this effort." Our external website is at []. <br /> The current high-level development plan can be [ found here]. Lou Dasaro is the Project Leader. If you are interested in contributing, either as an Engineer, Analyst or Tester, please email him at the address shown on [ the development plan] Alternatively, you can join our free-standing [] and send your request there. Join us, won't you? '''If you are using NetBeans 8.1''', by 30-Nov-2015 you should be able to access the Python plugin directly from the IDE 8.1 Tools->Plugin menu. In the meantime, you can download a .zip file containing the plugins from [ the Plugin Portal at] <br /> ''This'' plugin is self-signed and ONLY works with IDE 8.1. For more info, see [ the Python wiki page] . There are several other pages at that you may find useful: * Most people will just need to consult [] . * To see highlights from the development team, visit the [ NetBeans Python Plugin development tales] * To see day-to-day development details, visit the [ NBPython Forums] * To see the current list of open issues, [ visit Bugzilla (custom query)] * To learn about building from sources (generally) [ visit WorkingWithNetBeansSources] * To learn about developing NetBeans modules, [ visit NetBeans Platform Plugin Quick Start] * To learn specifically how to build Python support, [ visit NbPythonHgBuild]

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Python was started in November 2009, is owned by Petr Jiricka, and has 46 members.
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