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Here's how to add a custom themes file to a module that you can load into your Development IDE:

1) Create a standalone module
2) Add an XML layer to the module
3) Place your custom themes file inside the module's src package
4) Add a themes.xml url entry to the XML layer that points to your custom themes file.  For example:
<file name="themes.xml" url="nbresloc:/com/emxsys/themes/resources/themes.xml"/>
5) Edit your netbeans.conf file to include the -J-Dnetbeans.useTheme=true option
6) Build the module; select Install into Development IDE; and restart NetBeans


Bruce Schubert

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Subject: [platform-dev] Topcomponent color change
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neither it worked with

netbeans home:
C:\Program Files\NetBeans 7.2\platform\themes.xml
C:\Program Files\NetBeans 7.2\platform\system\themes.xml
netbeans user:

[platform-dev] Re: Topcomponent color change

Bruce Schubert 11/30/2012

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