[platform-dev] Re: Problem with Global Selection Lookup

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  • Subject: [platform-dev] Re: Problem with Global Selection Lookup
  • Date: Thu, 01 Nov 2012 08:27:32 +0100

If you find "Why the condition 'o instanceof org.jsoup.nodes.Element" ' is false, then the question 1) will be resolved :)

Have you checked your dependencies ? May be there are several dependencies containing the class Element.
A quick solution to check it: use the menu "Navigate> Go To type" and search for Element. If you find more than one entry for "org.jsoup.nodes.Element" it could be the problem...


Le 31/10/2012 14:42, kosmos890 a écrit :
@Fred thanks again.
Listening to any object is an excellent idea!


public final class OutputTopComponent extends TopComponent implements 
    private Lookup.Result<Object> result = null;
    public void componentOpened() {
         result = Utilities.actionsGlobalContext().lookupResult(Object.class);
         result.addLookupListener (this);
    public void componentClosed() {
       result.removeLookupListener (this);
       result = null;
    public void resultChanged(LookupEvent ev) {
for(Object o: result.allInstances()){
          if(o instanceof  org.jsoup.nodes.Element){
             System.out.println("o is an instance of Element");

Console Output


class org.jsoup.nodes.Element
class org.openide.nodes.AbstractNode
class org.openide.windows.DelegateActionMap

As you see from the console output, there is an instance of Element class.
But the condition "o instanceof  org.jsoup.nodes.Element" is false!!!???

I have two questions:
1)Why the  Lookup.Result<Element> is empty,  while there are Element 
2)Why the condition "o instanceof  org.jsoup.nodes.Element" is false ?

[platform-dev] Re: Problem with Global Selection Lookup

Frédéric Deniger 11/01/2012

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