[platform-dev] Looking for VMDGraphScene Reconnect example

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  • Subject: [platform-dev] Looking for VMDGraphScene Reconnect example
  • Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2012 16:39:11 -0400

Hello everyone.  I've started working on a Visual Library project, learning 
as I go.  I've added nodes, pins and edges with no problem using the 
VMDGraphScene set.  I would like to allow the user to manually reconnect 
edges between pins but I can't seem to get the action system to do this.  

Could someone point me to an example that accomplishes this AND uses the 
VMDGraphScene type scene?  I tried to adapt some of the existing connection 
examples in the Visual Examples collection but without success.  Possibly 
because there is a different way with VMDGraphScene??

Below is the code I use to add nodes, pins and edges:


        //add the nodes
        VMDNodeWidget n1 = (VMDNodeWidget)scene.addNode("Node 1");
        n1.setNodeName("Node 1");
        VMDNodeWidget n2 = (VMDNodeWidget)scene.addNode("Node 2");
        n2.setNodeName("Node 2");
        //Add pins to the nodes
        VMDPinWidget p1 = (VMDPinWidget) scene.addPin("Node 1","Pin 1");
        p1.setPinName("Pin 1");
        VMDPinWidget p2 = (VMDPinWidget) scene.addPin("Node 2","Pin 2");
        p2.setPinName("Pin 2");
        VMDPinWidget p3 = (VMDPinWidget) scene.addPin("Node 2","Pin 3");
        p3.setPinName("Pin 3");

        //Add the Edge
        VMDConnectionWidget edgeWidget = (VMDConnectionWidget) 
scene.addEdge("Edge 1");
        scene.setEdgeSource("Edge 1","Pin 1");
        scene.setEdgeTarget("Edge 1","Pin 2");

[platform-dev] Looking for VMDGraphScene Reconnect example

Birdasaur 09/28/2012

[platform-dev] Looking for VMDGraphScene Reconnect example

Birdasaur 09/30/2012

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