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  • Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2012 23:08:48 +0200


Have you tried the customization explained in :

This line can be useful:
java.lang.Integer and primitive integer stringKeys String[] Should contain internationalized strings that should be used as tags in a combo box. Number of elements must be >= 1. If this hint is supplied, the hint intKeyValues must also be supplied
intValues int[] The values the string keys correspond to. Must have the same number of elements as the string array
codeValues String[] Values to use in getJavaInitializationString() in place of hardcoding numbers (useful for constants)

Le 27/09/2012 11:30, Ben35 a écrit :
" type="cite">

 I have Javabean with an int property. In the BeanInfo class I have this
 property descriptor:

 PropertyDescriptor layout = new PropertyDescriptor("layout", beanClass);
 layout.setValue("enumerationValues", new Object[] {
 "Body", new Integer(LayoutProperties.BODY), "LayoutProperties.BODY",
 "Header", new Integer(LayoutProperties.HEADER), "LayoutProperties.HEADER",
 "Sidebar", new
 "Footer", new Integer(LayoutProperties.FOOTER),
 "LayoutProperties.FOOTER" } );


 I would like the PropertySheet in Netbeans Platform to give me a drop
 down where I can select one of the values.
 Netbeans picks up other things I define in PropertyDescriptors, but not

[platform-dev] EnumerationValues in propertySheet

Ben35 09/27/2012

[platform-dev] Re: EnumerationValues in propertySheet

Frédéric Deniger 09/27/2012

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