[platform-dev] Re: Programatically invalidate userdir cache

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  • Subject: [platform-dev] Re: Programatically invalidate userdir cache
  • Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2012 21:28:07 +0200
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On Thu, 27 Sep 2012 18:39:57 +0200, Javier Ortiz < > wrote:

Platform version?

Any logs related to the issue would also help.

Nick, I think that you'd better first focus on the issue, as Javier suggested, and understand whether it can be fixed in a "common" way. The cache shouldn't harm anything and if it does, it's a bug, that perhaps can be fixed.

If nonetheless you still need to clear the cache before starting, I think that the only viable solution is by customizing the boot process. Three years ago I had a customer with a similar requirement, not related to a bug, but to the need of controlling that all the installations of a Platform app were updated in the same moment (that is, it wasn't acceptable that the single users decided to download stuff from the update center). On that purpose I developed an alternate launcher, that replaces the scripts (or Windows executable) that come with the Platform and allows to implement some "extension points", that is tasks to perform before launching the app, after it has been launched, as well as customizing other minor functions. The customers agreed that this alternate launcher was released through the open source, which I did (*). Then the project stayed put for three years, until the past week I found another customer for which it was useful. I took the chance of cleaning up a bit, but I have still to document it. If you want to have a quick idea of how it works, you can read this post, where I'm using it for another purpose (Mac OS X integration):


I still need to write a second part of the post, anyway the first part clarifies which are the common limitations of this approach, and anyway give you a pointer to some working code.

I'm writing some basic docs in these days, and they *could* be ready soon (but I can't guarantee). If in the next days you don't find a better solution to your problem, give me a buzz (I think it's ok on this mailing list, but even privately if you prefer).

(*) The license is Apache, but I have still to undertand whether it's correct since it binds to the NetBeans launcher which is GPL + CPE or CDDL. I think it's correct. In the worst case, I would change the license to GPL + CPE, which should be fine anyway.

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[platform-dev] Programatically invalidate userdir cache

nwb159 09/27/2012

[platform-dev] Re: Programatically invalidate userdir cache

Javier Ortiz 09/27/2012

[platform-dev] Re: Programatically invalidate userdir cache

Javier Ortiz 09/27/2012

[platform-dev] Re: Programatically invalidate userdir cache

Fabrizio Giudici 09/27/2012

[platform-dev] Re: Programatically invalidate userdir cache

Jaroslav Tulach 09/27/2012

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