[platform-dev] App version in "About" dialog for NB RCP maven project

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  • Subject: [platform-dev] App version in "About" dialog for NB RCP maven project
  • Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2012 13:15:33 -0700
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Hi All,


We are attempting to get the version number of our application to appear in the “About” dialog of our application.  We would like to use the version number that is defined in the pom.xml file since we are using maven for this project. 


I’ve updated the  Bundle.properties file in the Branding module located at  src/main/nbm-branding/core/core.jar/org/netbeans/core/startup/Bundle.properties with the following line

currentVersion=FMS-Client ${pom.parent.version}


I’ve added maven resource filtering to the branding module’s pom file so it replaces the text with whatever is defined in the pom.xml file.  When I build the module all looks good, the version number shows up in the Bundle.properties file in the module’s binary as expected.


However, when I then attempt to run the application, it complains that it is attempting to load a resource bundle and it is unable to parse the string ${pom.parent.version}, and startup fails..  I inspected the Branding NBM file that is included in the app, and the version number is correct.  It appears that when the main application is built the resource bundle is copied from the branding to the main project and puts it in a file located at target/fmsclientdev/fmsclientdev/core/locale/core_fmscliendev.jar.  Where fmscliendev is the project.  The Bundle.properties file located in that bundle is the one that is found in the Branding module, but contains the unassigned variable:

currentVersion=FMS-Client ${pom.parent.version}



Any idea how to get the maven build to also replace this variable when its building the main app and copying the resource bundle from the Branding project?




[platform-dev] App version in "About" dialog for NB RCP maven project

Rob Terpilowski 04/25/2012

[platform-dev] Re: App version in "About" dialog for NB RCP maven project

Milos Kleint 04/26/2012

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