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Thanks Geoff.

That solved my issue. Refresh the cache folder did solve my problem.

Actually  I didn't flush the whole cache folder. Since in this case the only part abnormal is about indexing, I just flush the index folder, in my configuration it is located at: ~/.cache/netbeans/7.3/index/

Also the tips to ignore those unnecessary folders would save you loads of time especially if you're using Netbeans before version 7.2. Since 7.2 the background scanning of project seems to perform much better and doesn't affect the interactive with IDE too much.

Much appreciated.

On Friday, May 3, 2013, Geoff Hoffman wrote:
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Also, as you know, Magento source code + your store code = huge amount of PHP. 

Make sure you add to Ignored folders for caches, uploads, logs, etc., in Project Properties (not in NB Settings). In fact, everywhere inside your Magento project folder inside of which you do not need to edit code can be ignored to improve performance.

Advice: Go into work, restart your computer, clear your NB cache, launch NB before all other programs, then go get a coffee -- let it finish rebuilding the cache. If you try to work while it's doing that, it gets sluggish and may not finish properly. 

On Thu, May 2, 2013 at 9:33 PM, Homer Dong < ');" target="_blank"> > wrote:
Hi all,

Tried to figure this out for a while but no luck. I use Netbeans mainly for PHP, especially Magento, development. Since moved to Netbeans 7.3 I found one of my projects lost the indexing of most of its source files. So those features like auto-completion and quote are not available any more. This didn't happen right after the upgrade but it did happen not long after I upgraded to Netbeans 7.3

Interestingly all of the new files I created can be indexed correctly. Upon every time I started Netbeans there's a background scanning running. Since there's no function to manually index a project. How can I recover those missing indexes?

Any helps would be highly appreciated.



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PHP Project was only indexed partially

Homer Dong 05/03/2013

Re: PHP Project was only indexed partially

Geoff Hoffman 05/03/2013

Re: PHP Project was only indexed partially

Homer Dong 05/05/2013

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