Strange results using Git Remote Pull in 7.3RC2

  • From: Geoff Hoffman < >
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  • Subject: Strange results using Git Remote Pull in 7.3RC2
  • Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2013 08:33:50 -0700

I work on a Macbook pro at night and a Mac Mini at work during the day. Both are running NB 7.3 RC2. I committed and pushed from my Mini at work (using Terminal), and when I got home last night, wanted to do a pull .

From terminal, I verified I was on branch "beta". I wanted to try out NB7.3 RC2 Git integration, so I did a Git -> Remote -> Pull, made sure my repo was selected ("origin") and checked off the "origin/beta" branch and clicked finish.

Now in Terminal, git status shows I am not on any branch! I hate it when Git does that; there's no confirmation of this in the UI. I'm really confused by NB's Git integration. It seems that, in terminal, "git pull origin beta" is not the same thing as NB Git -> Remote -> Pull (inspecting the conversation "...+refs:/whatever/origin/beta...")? Did I do something wrong?

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Strange results using Git Remote Pull in 7.3RC2

Geoff Hoffman 02/12/2013

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