Blank page php application+xampp

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  • Subject: Blank page php application+xampp
  • Date: Fri, 09 Nov 2012 03:24:52 -0500

Hi everyone!first post in this forum,full rookie in php.
So,I installed xampp(uninstalled mamp),and with netbeans I want to set a php 
application "Hello!",very simple.

But the localhost gives me a bank page.Xampp looks fine,proyect stored in 

Name and Location:
Source Folder applications/xampp/htdocs/Project1

uncheked the box Put Netbeans metada bla bla bla....


Run as:Local web site
Project URL:http://localhost/Project2/

uncheked the box Copy Files bla bla


Blank page php application+xampp

Behemoth 11/09/2012

Blank page php application+xampp

Behemoth 11/09/2012

Re: Blank page php application+xampp

Velko Spasov 11/09/2012

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