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  • Date: Thu, 08 Apr 2010 12:19:16 +0200

when I initially started to write Design Area Overview a found word components sort of misleading. E.g, Shapes (circle, rectangle) are not components from UI point of view. So I introduced elements which refers to anything within palette. The JavaFX Node or simply 'node' is also good but I think it is too technical term.


On 8.4.2010 5:25, Irina Filippova wrote:
Victor and David,

Many thanks for your replies.

It seems that the term "JavaFX node" (suggested by Victor, also from the spec) has the same meaning as "components" (as suggested by David). On the one hand, using the term JavaFX node is more correct from the language spec point. At the same time, using the term "JavaFX node" in NB documentation is a little confusing - as in the IDE (and most tools) we refer to the nodes in a general sense when smth needs to be expanded (Project's node, Navigator's node).
The reference to JavaFX nodes and the corresponding place in the specification should be made, probably in the Design area overview document (will be updated and published on, hopefully by Beta.
It will be very helpful if we all discuss the basic terminology related to the Composer so that we can establish it from the beginning. I will send out the draft at the middle of the next week.


Victor Vasilyev wrote:
Hi Irina,

Irina Filippova wrote:
- Is the "component" an accepted term and can be used as "JavaFX language component" to refer to the items on the Palette?
IMHO documentation should always share terminology used in specifications.

The term "component" (or better "GUI component") is used in areas of AWT and Swing at least because there are corresponding classes java.awt.Component [1] and javax.swing.JComponent [2].
Note, JComponent is successor of the class Component. Hence, any GUI component in AWT/Swing applications is successor of the Component.

AFAIU a common ancestor for all "GUI entities"/"GUI objects"/widgets in the JavaFX is the javafx.scene.Node [3]
Note, although the javafx.ext.swing.SwingComponent is the base class for all encapsulated Swing components in the JavaFX, it also successor of the javafx.scene.Node.

Hence, I guess, "GUI node" is the best term that can be used in context of the JavaFX.


I hope, JavaFX experts will give you more info.


Rastislav Komara
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elements or component instances?

Irina Filippova 04/07/2010

Re: elements or component instances?

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Re: elements or component instances?

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Re: elements or component instances?

Irina Filippova 04/08/2010

Re: elements or component instances?

Rastislav Komara 04/08/2010

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