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Setting Up Cygwin to Use SSH on a Microsoft Windows Machine

Before reading this section, make sure you've installed the Subversion client. As described at About Subversion, you can download the Subversion client as an installable binary from Use the default settings and ensure that the installer adds the Subversion path to the system PATH environment variable.

In addition, these instructions assume that you've generated an SSH key as described at Generating and Using an SSH Key on a Microsoft Windows Machine. For use by Cygwin as described below, the private key must be in OpenSSH compatible format. If necessary, you can export your private key to an OpenSSH compatible version using PuTTYgen.

Note: Thanks to David North, who figured out how to do all this and posted instructions on his blog at

  1. Install Cygwin and make sure you include the openssh package.
  2. Edit the C:\Documents and Settings\your-username\Application Data\Subversion\config file to include a line like the following:
     ssh = c:/cygwin-root-path/bin/ssh.exe -i "C:/privatekeypath"
    Note: You must use forward slashes (/) in the path to the private key file!
  3. You can now use the Cygwin command line with your Subversion repository. For example:
    svn co svn+ssh://

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