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Migrating an Existing Subversion Repository to a Kenai Project Repository

If you manage a project on Project Kenai and want to copy an existing Subversion repository into your Kenai project repository, the first thing you need to do is evaluate how large the repository is. A repository larger than 1,000 revisions is likely to overload the Kenai Source Control Management system if you do it yourself with svnsync. Even a repository of less than 1,000 revisions can take hours to copy.

If instead, as described below, you do an svnsync to a repository on a system with fast Internet access, zip the resulting repository and upload the zip file to your project, and then request that the Kenai staff copy the repository file system to your project's Subversion repository on Kenai, the repository can be copied safely without overloading the system.

Note: If your repository has less than 1,000 revisions, you can do an svnsync yourself as described at Copying an Existing Subversion Repository Into Your Project's Subversion Repository.

To set up your repository to be copied:

  1. Create your Kenai Subversion repository as described at Source Code Repository.
  2. Note the destination repository checkout URL. For example: (https access)
     svn+ssh:// (SSH access)
  3. Create your source repository dump on a host with fast Internet access. For example:
     $ svnadmin create /tmp/your-repos-dump~source
     $ svnsync init file:///tmp/your-repos-dump~source
     $ zip -rv /tmp/your-repos-dump~source
  4. Create a project website as described at Website.
  5. Use WebDAV to upload your repository zip file.
    For information on using WebDAV with your website, see Working With Your Website.
  6. Send email to requesting that your repository be uploaded. Be sure to provide the URL to the zip file and your project repository's URL from Step 2 above.

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