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SCM Website Hooks

SCM Website Hooks allow a project admin to manage your project's WebSite contents using a SCM repository automatically instead of uploading contents manually via a WebDAV client.

Here is a list of steps to enable a SCM Website Hook:

  • Make sure "Website" feature is created already for the project
  • Go to "Manage the project" link as a project admin, click on "Features" tab.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and add a new "Hook" feature.
  • Create a new Hook type "SCM Website Hook" and link to a specific content repository.
  • Make sure the base directory used for the hook contains the specific subdirectory that you want to be automatically updated to the Website area (e.g. "/" if everything in that repository needs to be automatically updated).

Any subsequent commits after the hook creation to the content repository will update the web site with the contents in the repository.

If you ran into issues using "SCM Website Hook", please ensure the following:

  • If you create the SCM Website Hook for an existing repository, a new checkin to the repository is needed after a hook creation.
  • The hook updates the web site asynchronously, so it might take a while before you see the changes. The larger the repository size, longer the checkout time.
  • Only one SCM Website Hook per project.

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