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Release Note Archive page.

Release Notes Archive 2008

Revision 5052 (Dec 18th 2008)

  • JIRA is now available as an issue tracker for your project. See the help details on adding JIRA to you project.
  • We re-enabled the ability to change your email address in your account. When you change your email, you'll be prompted to confirm the change by clicking through a link provided in an email sent to the new address. For more information, see Changing Your Email, Name, or Country.
  • Rectified a small inaccuracy in the way project membership counts were reported.
  • Improved the syntax help documentation for forum bbcode.
  • The home page has been updated to include a Site News feature. Now you don't have to look at the same static home page content!
  • The location map in your user profile is now linked to the Google Maps URL for the latitude and longitude for the location you entered.
  • 58 total issues resolved.

Revision 4959 (Dec 8th 2008)

  • Page titles are now more dynamic and include context such as the project name, person name, forum post title, etc.
  • It is possible to add external links to external source code repositories and issue trackers. To add these links, visit the "Features" tab of your project's management page as described at Opening the Manage Page. If you have an existing issue tracker set up for your project, you must delete it before you can add an external issue tracker link.
  • Wiki editing conflicts are handled more gracefully. Previously the second editor would see an error, and the potential for edits to be lost existed. Now the edits are merged as long as two edits are not made to the same lines.
  • A bug allowing an invalid orphan forum post to be saved has been fixed. This made some user profile pages blow up, because the profile screen couldn't handle the invalid post.
  • Further stability improvements have been made to sign up, change password and forgot password. Again, if you continue to experience issues in login, registration, or reset of your password, please let us know at
  • 29 total issues resolved.

Revision 4880 (Nov 25th 2008)

  • Resolved issues with password reset and "forgot password". Please let the admins know at if you continue to have issues in this area. We're keen to resolve them swiftly and apologize for the continued inconvenience.
  • We weren't making it clear that you need to validate your account after sign-up by clicking through an email link, resulting in confusion when login didn't work. There's now an intermediate page explaining the next steps.
  • Javascript and CSS assets are now minified and packaged together, as well as compressed to improve site performance.
  • A permissions issue with forums whose default permissions had been restricted has been fixed, preventing those forums from appearing in public summary lists.
  • 27 total issues resolved.

Revision 4792 (Nov 11th 2008)

  • We're continuing to have troubles with sign-up and username availability. We are working on the problem and appreciate your patience. Feel free to contact site admins at for difficulties with sign-up.
  • The project features box has been added to the navigation bar when viewing wiki pages.
  • Project and people tag lists shown in the navigation bar are now truncated. An "all tags" link leads to a page that shows the entire tag cloud.
  • A bug with forum bbcode rendering has been fixed that was preventing profile pages from showing.
  • Projects are no longer shown twice on your mypage if you have more than one role in a project.
  • A regression preventing adding people to a mailing list by username has been fixed.
  • 46 total issues resolved.

Revision 4708 (Oct 28th 2008)

  • The People page layout has been improved, allowing more people to be shown per page. The index page no longer shows a global list, instead you need to click a letter or a tag to start showing a list of people.
  • A "Student" check box has been added to the registration and profile pages. Students can indicate their active status and specify the school they're attending.
  • The people autocompleter (shown in the project manage member and list subscriber screens) has been improved to show both the username and the full name. Completion is case-insensitive, and will match by username, first name, last name, or email address.
  • BBCode rendering in forums has been improved.
  • Tags can now contain a period/full-stop (".").
  • Atom feeds for forums have been tidied up.
  • The "Help" link at the top and bottom of each page is now context-sensitive. On many pages, you'll be taken to documentation specific to the page you're currently viewing. We'll be expanding this in the future as our documentation grows.
  • 27 total issues resolved.

Revision 4643 (Oct 13th 2008)

  • A new feature, Downloads, is now available to every project. You can upload documentation, release artifacts, or other files to this area to make available for download. Right now, you can only upload via browser, but we hope to expand the usefulness of this feature in the future.
  • The "Jump to..." box at the top of every page includes all the data on the site instead of a fixed, limited set. Also fixed positioning issues under Internet Explorer.
  • The size of the text for the project and people tag clouds has been adjusted to avoid overflow onto the main page.
  • An issue preventing the editing of project features has been resolved.
  • Issues related to subscribing to mailing lists have been improved.
  • We installed a new SSL certificate for This should be transparent for most people, but if you use Subversion you might be prompted to verify a new certificate when checking out or updating your source code.
  • 27 total issues resolved

Revision 4557 (Sep 25th 2008)

  • Source browser improvements: file names retain case, syntax highlighting for some file types, and additional navigation links.
  • Fixes to mailing list management interfaces
  • Feature short names (URIs) are now used in URLs instead of their numeric ID for brevity and friendliness
  • Some Perl errors that occasionally appeared at the top of Bugzilla pages have been corrected.
  • List sorting: person tags are now sorted in ascending order, most recent projects are correctly sorted reverse-chronologically
  • 38 total issues resolved

Revision 4516 (Sep 16th 2008)

  • We added a stop-gap screen to help with new user registration when there is an existing username conflict with Sun Developer Network. We're going to continue to improve the registration experience in subsequent releases as well. If you have noticed registration problems, please consult the wiki for help.
  • A bug preventing you from leaving and stopping watching a project has been fixed.
  • Commit emails now include the repository ID in the subject line, allowing you to distinguish between multiple repositories
  • Project tags are now sorted A to Z (people tags to follow shortly)
  • Several wiki page formatting and link handling fixes
  • Periods/full-stops ('.') are not allowed in tags (for now). If there is demand we may look at fixing this later to allow them.
  • The two counts on the people page now match
  • 25 total issues fixed

Revision 4485 (Aug 28th 2008)

  • Usernames are now case-preserving. However, username uniqueness is validated by folding the case of the username (so there cannot be two usernames Foo and foo).
  • OSI layered license approach implemented (see for details)
  • feedback tab added
  • Bugs fixed in Bugzilla and mailing list integration
  • 50+ bugs, tasks and small improvements

Revision 4415 (Aug 11th 2008)

  • Mercurial authorization is fixed for private projects
  • Improvements to Bugzilla integration -- UI, single-sign on, and mailing list fixes
  • Project and profile images are now center-cropped to a square aspect ratio and resized.
    NOTE: Upload your image again to have it re-processed.
  • Fixed project admin member management page
  • Feature role permission checkbox matrix fixed
  • Many minor usability and UI improvements; more then 80 items resolved

Revision 4311 (July 25th 2008)

  • Help topics are now available. See Help at the top of every screen
  • Site forums: Please consult new site forums layout to ask questions about the site.
  • Bugzilla is now available for use. Please let us know if you see any problems with it. NOTE: Be forewarned that we don't have a way to hide private projects from bugzilla yet.
  • Forum topics can be made sticky or locked.
    • "Sticky" means the topic should appear at the top of the list.
    • "Locked" means no more replies can be added to that post.
  • Lots of small UI bug/consistency fixes, especially in login/sign-up messaging and user profile.
  • User profile location field value is saved and displayed.
  • Project members page now publicly accessible
  • SCM file browsing fixed
  • Start of ongoing infrastructure work to improve the reliability of SCM checkins
  • Mercurial commit emails should now work
  • More then 30 bugs fixed

Revision 4254 (July 17th 2008)

  • Permissions for private projects should be fixed and should not show in any public-facing pages. To access your private projects, visit your "My Page" where a list of your personal is displayed.
  • CAVEAT: The bugzilla feature (still not fully rolled out)

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