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Default Project Activity Permissions

If you're a project administrator, or if you created a project (which makes you an administrator by default), you can set permissions that control what users in various roles can do with your project, like seeing your forums, checking out source code, or contributing bug reports. The default permissions permit just about anyone to see your project's forums, wiki, email lists, bugs, and source code. If you're sensitive about who sees your project information, you can change the default permissions and limit who can see your features.

Listed below are the default role permissions for all project features.

Message Forums
ActivityAdministratorSoftware DeveloperTesterContent DeveloperObserverUnauthenticatedUnregistered
Create Post
Edit Post
Delete Post
Edit or Delete Any Post
Mailing Lists
ActivityAdministratorSoftware DeveloperTesterContent DeveloperObserverUnauthenticatedUnregistered
View List
Administer List
View Archive
Close List
Moderate Posts
Compose on Web
Subscribe to List
Source Code Repository
ActivityAdministratorSoftware DeveloperTesterContent DeveloperObserverUnauthenticatedUnregistered
Perform Checkouts
Perform Checkins
ActivityAdministratorSoftware DeveloperTesterContent DeveloperObserverUnauthenticatedUnregistered
Delete Pages
View Pages
Edit Pages
ActivityAdministratorSoftware DeveloperTesterContent DeveloperObserverUnauthenticatedUnregistered
Upload Files
Download Files
Edit Downloads
Delete Downloads
Project Chat Room
ActivityAdministratorSoftware DeveloperTesterContent DeveloperObserverUnauthenticatedUnregistered
Add Chat Room
Launch Chat
Delete Chat Room
Issue Tracking
From the Project Kenai point of view, the tasks users can perform in an issue tracker (like creating bugs, editing bugs, and so on) depend on their roles in the project. You can't change the issue tracker permissions for individual project roles in Project Kenai as you can with other features, but you can move your users to new Kenai roles. You can also change what your users can do in your issue tracker administrative tools, as described under Managing Roles and Tasks on the Managing a Project page.

Here's how Kenai roles map to actions for each type of issue tracker.
Bugzilla Roles and Permissions
Kenai Role Bugzilla Role Actions
Unauthenticated Unauthenticated
(not logged in)
View bugs only
Unregistered, Observer Registered (default) Add bugs, Modify most elements of bugs they filed, Comment on and add attachments to other bugs
Content Developer,
Software Developer,
Developer Add bugs, Edit all features of all bugs, Close bugs
Administrator Administrator Add bugs, Update and close bugs, Change permissions, Edit components and milestones, Mark bugs private to developer group
Jira Roles and Permissions
Kenai Role Jira Role Actions
Unauthenticated Not logged in View bugs
Unregistered, Observer Users (logged in) Add bugs, View bugs, Comment, Clone, Attach, Vote, and Watch
Content Developer,
Software Developer,
Developers Add bugs, View bugs, Comment, Clone, Attach, Vote, and Watch, Update and close bugs
Administrator Developers, Administrators (both roles) Everything, plus administrator actions: Add bugs, View bugs, Comment, Clone, Attach, Vote, Watch, Update and close bugs, Change permissions, Edit components and milestones, Mark bugs private to developer group


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