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The Other License for Projects

If you choose Other as the license type for a project, an empty Wiki page called License will be added to your project, and a link to this page will be added to your project's home page, the Source License link Other. A project administrator will need to click this Other link and add the text for the project license to the License page. For more information, see Adding Text to the License Page below.

If you choose Other for your license type and you do not add the text of your license to the License page, your code will be managed by the Terms of Use defaults.

Adding Text to the License Page

If you just created your project, you see the project's home page right away and can just click the Other link and paste in the text, as described below starting with step 4. If you wait until later to add the text, the steps below show how to display the project page and get to the License page.

  1. Be sure you are logged in as a user who can administrate your project.
  2. If necessary, open your My Page by clicking the My Page tab in the left navbar.
  3. Open the project's home page by clicking the project name in the project list on your My Page.
  4. On the project's home page, click the Other link next to Source License.
  5. The first time you click this link, the License wiki page will be empty and will open in edit mode. Paste the text of your license into the page and format it using MediaWiki syntax. (See the quick reference at the bottom of the wiki Edit page, which also has a link to a complete syntax reference.)

More Information

  • For more information on editing Wiki pages, see About Wikis.
  • For information on initially choosing the license type, see Source License.
  • For information on changing the license type, see Settings Tab.


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