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The Nuts & Bolts of Project Kenai

What is Project Kenai?
Project Kenai is a connected developer destination where developers can host open source projects, as well as connect, communicate, and collaborate with developers of like mind.
How do I get started?
Anyone can sign up as a member and get involved with existing projects. To host a project, simply click the CREATE PROJECT button you see on your My Page.

What do I get?
User Profile After signing up, set up your user profile so people can find you and see what you're interested in. Then join our alias to find out the latest about what's happening with Project Kenai.
Projects Explore the Projects Page to find projects you're interested in joining. Use the project tag cloud, browse the list, or search for projects. You can also start up to five projects of your own.
Forums Discuss the project on up to five message forums.
Wiki Add a project wiki to build information and knowledge around your project. Your wiki home page can also serve as your project home page.
IM Chat Add an instant messaging chat room to your project. You can use the built-in chat client or your favorite client to chat with other members of your project.
Host Your Code With every project you host, you can create up to five source code repositories, any combination of Subversion, Mercurial, and Git. Or link to an externally hosted repository if you prefer.
Mailing Lists Use up to five mailing lists to communicate with team members and the community.
Issue Tracking Add a JIRA or Bugzilla issue tracker to start squashing bugs and adding feature suggestions. Or link to your externally hosted bug tracker if you prefer.
Downloads Post your project download files, like the latest project builds, in your project's downloads area.
Project Website Present your project or software to the world with your own custom designed project website.
Google Analytics Get usage statistics for your project from Google. Use the Analytics Tab to set it up.
Publicize Your Project When you're ready, you can publicize your project by publishing it to the Sun Software Library.
NetBeans IntegrationProject Kenai is closely integrated with the NetBeans IDE, version 6.7 and later. Use NetBeans to join Project Kenai and log in, and work with your Kenai projects or start new ones from the NetBeans IDE. Learn More.
What are the latest features?
For the very latest on new features and bug fixes in Project Kenai, see the Release Notes. Releases come out about every two weeks. Check the Project Kenai Documentation and Training home page for the latest release note link and the most recent doc updates.

How does Project Kenai stack up to the competition?

Bug trackingWiki Mailing List ForumDownloadsOnline SupportBuild systemWeb hostingCode review Shell server
Project Kenai
NetBeans 6.7

max 5
SVN, Mercurial, Git

max 2

max 1

max 5

max 5

limited access
Git (max 300MB for free)
Google Code
CVS, SVN, Bazaar
CVS, SVN, Git, Bazaar, Mercurial, Subversion
TeamForge fee-based offering from CollabNet
Eclipse, Visual Studio


Hudson plugin
Jira Studio fee-based offering from Atlassian

For more site and feature comparisons, see the Wikipedia page Comparison of open source software hosting facilities.


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