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Setting User Roles for the Jira Issue Tracker

If your project uses the Jira issue tracking system for tracking bugs and feature requests and you're a project administrator, you can perform some administrative functions in Jira itself. One area you can manage in Jira is user roles.

Note: You don't have to directly manage user roles in Jira. Instead, you can set a user's role on the Members Tab of the Manage page, and that Kenai role will determine what they can do in Jira. For a table showing how Kenai roles map to Jira roles, see Jira Roles and Permissions.

If you do want to manage your users in Jira, here's how to do it.

  1. Click My Page in the left navigation bar.

  2. Scroll to your project listing and click Issue Tracking in the list of features on the right.

  3. The Jira Browse Project page opens. Click Administer Project on the left.

  4. The Administration page for your project opens. Click View members.

  5. The Manage Project Role Membership page opens.

  6. On this page, you can add members to and remove them from project roles by clicking Edit in the Users column for the role you want to work with. Here's what these roles enable your users to do:
    1. Administrators. Everything, plus administrator actions: Add bugs, View bugs, Comment, Clone, Attach, Vote, Watch, Update and close bugs, Change permissions, Edit components and milestones, Mark bugs private to developer group. You project administrators are automatically on this list.
    2. Developers. Add bugs, View bugs, Comment, Clone, Attach, Vote, and Watch, Update and close bugs. People on your project who have the Software Developer or Content Developer role are automatically on this list.
    3. Users. Add bugs, View bugs, Comment, Clone, Attach, Vote, and Watch.
    4. Issues List. Receive updates when changes are made to this project's Jira bugs or when bugs are added. Your project members typically sign up on your project's Mailing List page and don't need to be added to this list.
  7. This page also enables you to work with groups. You click Edit next to a group name to manage groups. For more information on Jira groups, see the Jira help topic Managing Groups.

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