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[[Home|&raquo; Project Kenai Documentation and Training]] &nbsp;&nbsp; [[Howdoi|&raquo; How Do I ...]] <h1>About Issue Tracking</h1> An issue tracker is software that helps you keep track of bugs and feature requests for your project. A project doesn't get issue tracking by default, but a project administrator can add an issue tracker on the Manage page as described at <a href="">Managing Projects: Issue Tracking</a>. The two issue tracking systems supported directly on the site are Bugzilla and Jira. Your project can also link to an external issue tracker on a separate site if you have one set up. If your project has issue tracking, you will see it listed in the area to the right of your project name and logo, as shown in the following figure: [[image:selectissuetracking.png]] __TOC__ ==Reporting a Bug for a Project== To report a bug for a project: # Open the project page, then click ''Issue Tracking''.<br/><br/>[[image:selectissuetracking.png]]<br/><br/> # Your project's issue tracker page opens. #* If your issue tracker is Bugzilla, you see a page similar to this one:<br/><br/>[[image:newbugzillabug.png]]<br/><br/>For more information on using Bugzilla with your project, see [[BugzillaIssueTracker|Using the Bugzilla Issue Tracker]].<br/><br/> #* If your issue tracker is Jira, you see a page similar to this one:<br/><br/>[[image:jira-newbug.png]]<br/><br/>For more information on using Jira with your project, see [[JiraIssueTracker|Using the Jira Issue Tracker]].<br/><br/> #* If your issue tracker is an external tracker, you see the web page for that issue tracker. If you need help with it, contact the administrator for your project. ==Managing the issue tracking feature in your project== If you're the creator or an administrator of a project, you can manage your project's Issue Tracking settings. For example, you can change which issue tracker your project uses and even specify an existing external bug tracker elsewhere. You can also change the displayed name of your issue tracking to something different, and you can change the tasks that your members can perform (Create Issues, View Issues, Edit Issues) based on their roles. For more information, see <a href="">Managing Projects: Issue Tracking</a>.

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