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About Issue Tracking

An issue tracker is software that enables you to report bugs and other issues, and additionally keep track of bugs and feature requests for a project. Projects on this site use the Bugzilla issue tracker. If you go to a project's home page (as described below, you can see if a project has issue tracking—it is listed to the right of the project name, as shown in the following figure:

Opening the Issue Tracker for a Project

This section describes how to go to a project and open its issue tracker. If you prefer to work directly in Bugzilla and pick the project there, see this page:

To open an issue tracker for a project:

  1. If you aren't logged in, log in to by clicking the Community tab, then clicking the log in link.

  2. Click your username to show your My Page, which has Navigation links in the right navbar.

  3. You can report a bug even if you aren't a project member.
    • If you are a member of the project, click the My Page link under Navigation in the right navbar, then scroll to the project listing.
    • If you aren't a project member, click the Projects link under Navigation in the right navbar, then search for the project.

  4. When you see the project listed, click the project name to open the project's home page, then click Issue Tracking in the list to the right of the project name.

  5. The project's issue tracker page opens. For example, a page similar to the following one opens for the JavaEE project:

Reporting an Issue for a Project

This section shows you both how to open Bugzilla to report a bug for a single project and how to use Bugzilla to pick a project. It also refers you to the Issue Reporting Guidelines, which go into more detail about what to enter and the fields and their meaning.

To report an issue for a specific project:

  1. Open the Bugzilla page for that project as described above.

  2. Click the "File a new bug ..." link at the bottom left of the page.

  3. You see the bug report form for that project.

  4. Enter the issue information as described at Issue Reporting Guidelines.

To use Bugzilla to pick the project

  1. If, instead of clicking the File a new bug.. link at the bottom of the bug list page, you click the New link at the top of the page, you can file a bug for a different project.

  2. What you see after clicking the New link is a list of NetBeans projects.

  3. When you click one of the projects in the list of projects, you see a bug reporting form like this one shown above.

Working With an Issue

You can edit issues, add attachments, mark them fixed, assign them, close them, and so on. To see which issues are open, follow the instructions above in Reporting an Issue for a Project to get to the Bugzilla issue tracker, where you will see a list of issues.

Opening an Issue

  1. To open an issue, click its ID number, as shown in the figure above.
  2. With the issue open, you can read it and, if you have enough privilege in the project, edit it, add attachments, reassign it, close it, and so on.

Editing an Issue

  1. Open an issue as described above in Opening an Issue.
  2. With the issue open, you can edit all the fields you see listed. For example, the following figure shows the issue for the JavaEE project that was opened above by clicking its number. All the fields shown in the issue are editable.

Closing an Issue

To close an issue:

  1. Open the issue as described above in Opening an Issue.
  2. Scroll down to Additional Comments and say what the fix was.
  3. Change the Status to Resolved.
  4. Choose the appropriate resolution. For example, if the issue was fixed, choose Fixed.
  5. Click Commit.

Doing More With Bugzilla

This page describes only a small number of the things you can do with Bugzilla. To find out how to do more, click the help button in any window to see help for that page, or, for the entire help table of contents, go to The Bugzilla Guide.

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