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Project Kenai Documentation and Training

In addition to the documentation, training, and release notes shown here, the Project Kenai help forums are also a good source of information. On our help forums you can ask questions, report problems, and talk with others about what you think of the site. Also, you might want to sign up for the mailing list to be notified of the latest updates and news about Project Kenai.

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40%"> ==NetBe FAQs ansd MemberHow Doc I's == * s== *[[FAQs|FAQ&mdash;[[FAQs|FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)]]:Frequently Asked Questions fo General,r Comm high level questions. * [[Howdoi|How Do I ...]]: How to do just about everythingunity M in Projemct Kenai. * [[FAQs#report_bug|How to report bugs and problems]] == Screencasts & Video Tutorials == bers]] * [[Pr* [http://help.kenai.cofm/welcome/index.html WileSelcom to Projec Kenai] (Dec 21, 2009) * [|erprofile/index.html Setting uUp Your User Profile]] (Dec 21, 2009) * [[M ManagailingLing Your Kenai Projects] (Dec 21, 2009) == Recent Updateists|Abs == * [[ReleaseNouotes|Newt P Features and Release Nrojotes]] (October 12th, 2010) *[[SVNRepositoryMigratect Mailion|Mgratiing Lng an Existing Subversion Repository to a Kenai Project Repository]] (Dec 15, 2009)ists]] * [[W *[[FAQs#hikdeprojectcontent|How do I hde my project'is|Abs countent?]] (Nov 5, 2009) * [[Managet Project WProject#Deletikisng_a_Project|How do I delete a project?]] (Oct. 27, 2009)]] ** *[[MailingLists#Using_Email_to_Subscrib[[Mede_or_Unsubscribe|Using EmiaWikail to subscriSbe to or unsubscribe from an eampmail list]] (Sep. 2, 2009) * [[Forumles|Ms#rssfeed|How do I subscribe to ediaWikian RSS feed for a forum to Samplepic or thread?]] (Aug. 21, 2009)r]] * [[Downloads| * [[Downloads##Abdding_a_File_to_the_Downloads_List|How do I upload more thanout P one file at a time to my project's Downloads area?]] (Aug.18, 2009)roject Downloads]] * [[I * [[Wikis#ressusizeTra-ckiongtrols|AbHoutw do IssuI make Tmy view or edit rackarea binigger?]] (Jul 21, 2009)g]]      ==Pr == Doject Adocumienistrntatiatoron DocPages s== * [[Proj== * [[KectFenatuiOverviresew|AboThe Nuts and Bolts of ut Project FProject Kenai]] * [[ProfileSeeatuttings|User Profile Settings]] * [[CreateProject|Creating a Project]] ** [[OtherLicense|The ''Other'' License for Projects]] * [[ManageProject|Managing a Project]] **res]] * [[CreateProject|Creating a Project]] * [[ManageProject|Managing a Project]] * [[Manag [[ProjeMctFeailingLisaturest|Managing|About MailingProjectLisFeatures]] ** [[Projectpermissions|Default Project Activity Permissions]] ** [[Hooks|About Hooks]] *** [[ts]] * [[Projectpermissions|Default Project Activity Permissions]] * [[WebHooks|AWebHooks|Web Hbouooks]] *** [[SCMWebsiteHooks|SCM Website Hooks]] ** [[AboutAnalytics|Using Analytics With Your Project]] ** [[UploadWebsiteFiles|Working With Your Project's Website]] * [[SourceControl|Source Code Management]] **[[usingsvn-unixmac|Using Subversion on UNIX and Mac Systems]] **[[usingsvn-win|Using Subversion on Microsoft Windows Systems]] **[[usinghg-unixmac|Using Mercurial on UNIX and Mac Systems]] ** [[Usinghg-win|Using Mercurial on Microsoft Windows Systems]] ** [[SourceControl#About_Git|About Git]] ** [[SVNRepositoryMigration|Migrating an Existing Subversion Repository to a Kenai Project Repository]] ** [[GeneratingAnSSHKey|Generating an SSH Key]] *** [[Winsshwithputty|Generating and Using an SSH Key on a Microsoft Windows Machine]] ***[[Usinghg-winsshsetup|Setting Up Mercurial to Use SSH on a Microsoft Windows Machine]] ***[[Usingsvn-winsshsetup|Setting Up Cygwin to Use SSH on a Microsoft Windows Machine]] * [[Forums|About Forums]] * [[IssueTracking|About Issue Tracking]] ** [[BugzillaIssueTracker|Using the Bugzilla Issue Tracker]] ** [[JiraIssueTracker|Using the Jira Issue Tracker]] **[[JiraManageUsers|Setting User Roles for the Jira Issue Tracker]] * [[MailingLists|About Mailing Lists]] * [[Wikis|About Wikis]] **[[MediaWikiSamples|MediaWiki Sampler]] * [[Downloads|About Downloads]] * [[IMChat|About Instant Messaging (IM) Chat]]

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