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About Forums

A project can have up to five forums, message boards where members have discussions. Forums are added and managed by the project's administrators, as described below in Managing Forums.

Using Forums

To see a forum for a project, open the project page and click one of the forum names on the left under Message Forum.

When the forum page opens, you see a list of topics people are discussing.

You typically open topics and read messages, post replies to messages, and, if you're a project member, you can start new topics. On a topic page, you can navigate to other topics by clicking .

You can get an RSS feed for forum updates by clicking the RSS button:

If you want to share the link for this forum on a site like or or Yahoo MyWeb, click » Share this to the left of the RSS button.

If you want to subscribe to a forum thread, display the thread and click the RSS button in your web browser's address bar or toolbar, depending on which browser you're using.

Editor Formatting Syntax

When you edit a forum message, you can choose which syntax you want to use to format your entries to have italic or bold text, provide links, and so on. The default forum editing syntax is Bulletin Board Code. Markdown syntax is the alternative.

You can click Forum Syntax Reference to see the quick reference at the bottom of the edit pane. For more information on these syntaxes, see:

Managing Forums

If you are a project administrator, you can add, delete, and change the names of forums as described in Managing Projects: Message Forums.

You can also make forum topic sticky or locked.

  • A sticky topic stays at the top of a forum. For example, if you have a "Rules of the Forum" topic, you might want to make it sticky.
  • A locked topic can't be replied to. An announcement could be a locked topic. The owner of the topic can continue to edit it, however.

When an administrator creates a topic or edits it, these two options are available at the bottom of the editor as checkboxes. After marking a topic sticky or locked (or both), the topic listing on the forum has an icon indicating its state next to it. In the figure below, the topic Forum Etiquette is both sticky and locked.

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