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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Community Members

This set of frequently asked questions is for community members who want to do things like logging in, joining projects, and using site features like the user profile, projects, and so on.

For information on getting more involved in the community, a good place to start is the Community home page.

How do I log in?

Click the Community tab, then click Log In in the right navbar and enter your username and password. For more information on logging in, see the this first step of Viewing Your Public Profile.

How do I register?

Click the Community tab, then click Register in the right navbar. For a screen shot of the Register link see Setting Up Your Public Profile.

How do I get more involved?

There are many ways to get more involved on the site. See the page Join and Contribute to the NetBeans Community for some suggestions.

How do I set up a user profile so others can find me?

Why isn't my information showing in my user profile?

By default, your profile page shows your username, your tags, and your image if you uploaded one. Other things, like your first name, your last name, and your location as a map don't show unless you indicate that you want them to be public. To do that, you check the appropriate boxes on the Privacy tab of the Profile Settings page, as described at Privacy Tab.

Why doesn't my listed email address change when I change it in my user profile?

When you change your email address in your Profile Settings (as described here), two emails are sent out: one to your old email address notifying you that this change was made to your profile, and a verification email to your new email address with a link to activate the new address. When you click the link in the email and then verify the new address on this site, the new email address shows up in your profile.

How do I get to my personal My Page?

You must be logged in to see your My Page. After logging in, you'll see your username where the login prompt was. Click your username to see your My Page and a right navbar that includes My Page, Project, and People. For more information, see the beginning steps of Opening the Issue Tracker for a Project.

How do I get more help on site tools?

Site tool help is always available at this URL: If you're on the Community tab and you're logged in, you can get context-sensitive help by clicking the Help link under your username in the right havbar.

How do I find projects?

First open your My Page to see the Projects link in the right navbar under Navigation. Click Projects to go to the Projects page, where you can:
  • Page through the alphabetical list of projects.
  • Browse the projects on the Most Recent Projects tab.
  • Use the project search field to find projects by name.

When you find a project that sounds interesting, click the project name to go to its home page, where you can read about it. If you like the project and think you might like to participate, the next step is to join as an observer by clicking the Bookmark this project link on the project home page.

How do I find other members?

First open your My Page to see the People link in the right navbar under Navigation. Click People to go to the People page, where you can:
  • Page through the alphabetical list of members.
  • Use the Search field to find members by name.

How do report a bug or other issue?

For general information on reporting issues, see Issues = Bugs, Feature Requests, and Enhancements.

If you want more information on using Bugzilla, see About Issue Tracking.


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