[certeng-students] News from the NetBeans Platform Certified Training

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  • Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2011 12:32:34 +0200

Hi all,

Welcome to another update on activities relating to the NetBeans Platform Certified Training.

As always, this e-mail provides a few things you might like to know about as students of the NetBeans Platform:

1. New subscribers to this list. There are several new subscribers to this list, from recent training courses done in the UK, Serbia, and Sweden. For example, read about the training course held at Sheffield-Hallam University here. Welcome!

2. Slides. Several students have asked where they can find the slides used in trainings, as well as the related sample code. Here you can find these. For German students, search for "German" in the page above and you will find several slide decks by Aljoscha Rittner and Toni Epple.

3. Big news. NATO has released information & screenshots about their air command and control console on the NetBeans Platform. Read about it here.

4. New NetBeans Platform Certified Engineer. Stefan Lundgren from Sweden is a new NetBeans Platform Certified Engineer for his project Tools for Finding Modules & Classes at Runtime. The project is available on java.net/projects/netbeans, which is the central location for open sourced NetBeans Platform projects.

5. Recommended student project. Want to become a NetBeans Platform Certified Engineer too? To become that, you need to make contributions to an existing NetBeans Platform project (or make your own).  In this newsletter, the project you're recommended to join is OpenLeanMed, a clinic management platform. Write to Henning, Constantin, and Igor at "> for further information on how you can help.

6. Ongoing Student Projects. Students in Serbia have set up a project group to focus on specific NetBeans Platform projects, specifically Neuroph and Eidos. Read about the group here.

7. Screenshots. The NetBeans Platform screenshots page is looking for more screenshots! The 200th NetBeans Platform Screenshot Competition is coming to an end soon, there are around 30 screenshots already -- have you submitted yours? Respond to this e-mail with a screenshot of your app and, if it isn't already on the screenshot page, it will be entered into the competition.

8. Upcoming Training Courses. Aside from company trainings, free trainings are scheduled to be held in Germany, specifically in Aachen and Munster, and the Netherlands, in Groningen and Amsterdam, during the coming months. Eppleton is hosting a training course in Munich from 19 to 21 September, as described here. Interested in hosting a training, or an advanced training if you've already had a training? Or maybe a workshop for porting your existing application to the NetBeans Platform? Respond to this e-mail and you'll be contacted for setting up the event.

Finally, have fun with the NetBeans Platform and looking forward to hearing from you. Anything unclear, feel free to write back with questions for clarification and further information.

NetBeans Team

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[certeng-students] News from the NetBeans Platform Certified Training

Geertjan Wielenga 07/14/2011

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