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[Bug 270272] New: Impossible to evaluate lambda in debugger

gtzabari 04/01/2017

[Bug 270313] Debugging View UI bug - scrolling, expanding nodes works unpredictably

tzezula 04/06/2017

Samoobsługowe biuro tłumaczeń

Izabela Słowik 04/07/2017

[Bug 210032] com.sun.jdi.IncompatibleThreadStateException at

ilia 04/07/2017

[Bug 270437] New: There is no way to view the full value of a string in the debugger if the length is greater than 80 characters.

buteomont 04/19/2017

[Bug 249034] Stop on Nashorn exceptions

jtulach 04/21/2017

[Bug 270457] New: Java debugger ignores classes if truffledebugger is installed

jtulach 04/21/2017

[Bug 270457] Java debugger ignores classes if truffledebugger is installed

mentlicher 04/21/2017

[Bug 270459] New: Impossible to change base presentation for multiple variables

Quant 04/21/2017

[Bug 270495] New: Deadlock while debugging.

scanti 04/26/2017

[Bug 270495] Deadlock while debugging.

mentlicher 04/26/2017
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