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org-netbeans-modules-debugger-jpda-ui.xml - sigchanges in nbms-and-javadoc build #9378

hudson 09/03/2012

[hg] main-silver: Typo corrected.

mentlicher 09/03/2012

[hg] main-silver: #218004: Use a private RP instead of the share...

mentlicher 09/10/2012

[hg] main-silver: bugfix #218046, use instanceOf attribute to pr...

Tomas Hurka 09/11/2012

[hg] main-silver: #218352: Do not open Events window by default.

mentlicher 09/14/2012

[hg] main-silver: @Override annotations and condition braces.

mentlicher 09/17/2012

[hg] main-silver: #189695: Assure that AWT is not blocked by sou...

mentlicher 09/17/2012

[hg] main-silver: #217302: Use a private RequestProcessor instea...

mentlicher 09/19/2012

[hg] main-silver: @Override annotations and braces around condit...

mentlicher 09/19/2012

[hg] main-silver: Events view is closed by default.

mentlicher 09/19/2012

[hg] main-silver: #217953: API that control opened and minimized...

mentlicher 09/19/2012

org-netbeans-modules-debugger-jpda-ui.xml - sigchanges in nbms-and-javadoc build #9432

hudson 09/20/2012

[hg] main-silver: Incrementing spec. versions after 7.3 Beta.

Antonin Nebuzelsky 09/20/2012

[hg] main-silver: #202813: When we happen to have the stack fram...

mentlicher 09/21/2012

[hg] main-silver: More reliable refresh scheduling.

mentlicher 09/21/2012

[hg] main-silver: @Override annotations and braces.

mentlicher 09/21/2012

[hg] main-silver: #218641: Prevent from doing expensive work in ...

mentlicher 09/21/2012

[hg] main-silver: #210465 mostly adding comment warnings about s...

Milos Kleint 09/26/2012
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