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    File      Open with Default Application Module

    Allows NB 5.5 to open files with the operating system default applications if the IDE is ran on JDK 6.
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    about 10 years ago 1.1 MB 30
    File      RegExPlugin

    A simple and easy to use all-in-one solution which helps a developer in all aspects of working with regular expressions - Learning, Building, Testing and Organizing.
    Tags: --
    about 10 years ago 3.1 MB 48
    File      RegexTester

    Simple module for validation of string input against regex pattern (sources + nbm)
    Tags: --
    about 10 years ago 36.4 KB 30
    File      StringTokenizer plugin

    A simple GUI based string parser
    Tags: --
    about 10 years ago 6.8 KB 285
    File      University Admission Manager

    This is a NetBeans project to manage the university admission process
    Tags: --
    about 10 years ago 968.2 KB 57
    File      VideoLoader.jar

    A VideoLoader for playing mpg,avi,mov..
    Tags: --
    about 10 years ago 26.5 KB 208
    File      VideoLoader.xml

    The build.xml for VideoLoader.jar
    Tags: --
    about 10 years ago 857 Bytes 247
    File      Web Search

    These are the sources for the Web Search Module. The Module sends the word under caret or the current selection in the editor to be searched in the web search engine of your choice. You will find the
    Tags: --
    about 10 years ago 560 KB 29

    provides a fast and easy way of opening files in your IDE's editor
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    about 10 years ago 31.9 KB 27

    Modifications to the NetBeans 3.6 source, made by ADC Software Systems Ireland Limited. The code_changes.html contains an overview of the changes. Diffs for each of the changes are also included.
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    about 10 years ago 15.3 KB 18
showing 51 - 60 of 144
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