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Bugtracking friend API/SPI

Summarizes the actual state of the bugtracking friend api/spi (up to release 7.0)

Current state

as to release 7.0 the bugtracking api is a bunch of friend packages in the bugtracking (Issue Tracking) module which covers the following:


main entry point to plug into the issue tracking infrastructure. Needs a redesign. Provided functionality will be extracted into a new module - bugtracking.api and made public

Note that the spi classes still contain methods related to other areas (e.g. issue table, issue caching, simple search, etc.) which either should be optional for each spi implementation or shouldn't go public at all. Needs cleanup.

  • the RepositoryUser type will be removed
  • the IssueFinder, IssueProvider, VCSSupport types - open to negotiation if they become public or friend
    • IssueFinder - Recognizes references to issues in text - used for the need of hyperlinks in editor and various VCS views
    • IssueProvider - provides issues for the TasksList
    • VCSSupport - provides vcs functionality for bugtracking
  • another thing is the BugtrackingController class - it tries to come with a generic solution for an Issue Tracker entities UI (repository, query, issue panels) which doesn't seem to work well. Should be rewritten.
  • the BugtrackingConnector, Repository, Query and Issue types will be redesigned


entry point to provide kenai specific functionality for a particular issue tracking system. The suggestion is to separate it, together with other kenai related utils from o.n.m.bugtracking (see bellow) into a new module with a friend api/spi. Won't be made public as it is used only internally and probably will be the subject of (incompatible) changes given by the evolving kenai support in NetBeans .

o.m.n.bugtracking.issuetable and o.m.n.bugtracking.cache

provides issue caching, issue status model and a query hitlist representation in table form. The issue cache is designed to support our fancy colored issue status model (new, changed, archived, seen, unseen). Should be merged together and kept in the friend bugtracking module. The functionality is quite complex and not stable yet. Won't be made public.

Smart search facility. Probably stable. Provides a simple combobox like UI to search for issues byt their ID or Summary. Not sure yet if friend or public


A proxy connector for the JIRA module on the Update Center. Won't be made public


tons of utils. Some of them kenai specific. has already its own dynamics and definitely needs a clean up. Most of it won't be made public, but it's up to a negotiation what functionality could be eventually moved into the public bugtracking.api module.

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