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<title> Cnd Debugger Milestones</title>

<h2><a name="GDB_C_C_Debugger_Milestones"> </a> GDB C/C++ Debugger Milestones: </h2>
This document lists and briefly describes the currently planned milestones for
the gdb debugger module. The 1.0 release of the gdb module will be shipped
with the NetBeans 5.5 C/C++ Development Pack release. The 1.0 release will <b>not</b>
be a complete implementation of gdb debugging. Other features are needed to
make this module a complete debugging solution. Future releases should be expected
to add new features.
<h3>Milestone 1: (Solaris + Windows) <i>Done...</i> </h3>
   Project's Debug action is enabled. If selected, the project is rebuilt
   and the application is run by gdb. The IDE shows that it has started
   the debugger by displaying default debugger windows. However, no data
   is displayed in these windows.

<h3>Milestone 2A: (Solaris + Windows + Linux) <i>Done...</i> </h3>
   Debugger console (no termulator)
       - This console is primarily for development.
         See <a href="gdb-console.gif">screen shot</a>
   Program I/O window
       - Full terminal support (external terminal)
              Windows (Cygwin): cmd.exe
              Solaris: xterm, dtterm
              Linux: xterm
       - If there is a problem with external terminal,
         a fall back solution is to use a built-in window
         (input in a textfield).

<h3>Milestone 2B: (Solaris + Windows + Linux) <i>Done...</i></h3>
   Step functions
   Editor display tracks debugging (annotations and stepping highlights)
   Toggle breakpoints in editor
   Breakpoints view
   Sessions view

<h3>Milestone 3: (Solaris + Windows + Linux) <i>Done...</i> </h3>
   Locals view (no auto-update and no data modification)
   Callstack view
   Function breakpoints
   Basic New Breakpoint window (only shows function breakpoint fields)
   Line breakpoints
   Updated New Breakpoint window (adds line breakpoint support)
   Finish Debugger Session

<h3>Milestone 4: (Solaris + Windows + Linux) <i>Done...</i></h3>
   Watch points ("New Watch..." dialog)
   Watch View (functionality equivalent to Locals View)
   Auto update and data modification in Locals View
   Basic Debug node in Project configuration
   Balloon Evaluation
   Switch Call Stack Frame (double click) affects Locals View and Watch View
   Enable/disable breakpoints

<h3>Milestone 5: (Solaris + Windows + Linux) <i>Availability is TBD</i></h3>
   Attach Debugger
   Run to Cursor
   Debug core file (is this Unix only?)
   Stack operations (up/down/current/pop)
   Advanced breakpoints and complete New Breakpoint window
       - conditional breakpoints
       - temp vs perm breakpoints
       - ignore count
   Advanced Program I/O window
       - Choice of default window (Output2) or external termulator
         (platform specific)
   Signal handling
   Exception handling
   Complete Debug node in Project configuration (what additional
       options do we support?)
<h3>Missing Features (possibly added in a future milestone): </h3>
   Memory view
   Registers view
   Shared library display (list loaded dynamic libs)
   Mixed source/assembler window

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