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        <title>Using OpenJDK HotSpot with NetBeans C/C++ Development Pack</title>
        <META NAME="AUTHOR" CONTENT="Sergey Grinev">
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        <H1>Using NetBeans C/C++ development pack to work with OpenJDK HotSpot project</H1>
            HotSpot under NB project 
            <a href=""></a>
            OpenJDK - HotSpot
            <a href=""></a>
            Since May, 2007 Sun opens almost all of the JDK under the GPL 6.5
            HotSpot part of it handles Java virtual machine sources.
            NetBeans IDE
            <a href=""></a>
            NetBeans C/C++ development pack
            <a href=""></a>
            The NetBeans C/C++ Development Pack provides C and C++ development support to 
            the NetBeans community.
            <a href=""></a>
            For compilers required to build HotSpot.
            <li>You need to have NetBeans IDE with C/C++ NetBeans development pack installed. Follow instructions <a href="">here</a> if you don't have one.</li>
            <li>Your machine have to fulfil the requirements to compile HotSpot. Usually it's enough to have linux-intel or solaris-intel machine with SunStudio installed and JDK 1.5 or later. You can find more details <a href="">here</a>.</li>
            <li> NB projects for Solaris-intel/sparc or Linux configuration </li>
            <li> Readme</li>
        <h2>Preparing sources to use with premade NB projects</h2>
            <li> Premade projects were created for HotSpot build b16 from July 20, 2007. But
            they should work for later builds as well.</li>
            <li> Download and unpack to the same folder
                    <li><a href="">HotSpot sources</a></li>
                    <li>NB+HotSpot project files</li>
            <li> Check if your HotSpot sources are writable. If not run next command on hotspot folder: <pre>chmod a+rw hotspot</pre></li>
            <li> Copy hotspot folder from preconfigured folder according to your system.<br/> 
                E.g. for solaris system you can run next command from the folder you've unpacked
                files to in step 1:<br/>
            <pre>cp -R solaris-intel/hotspot openjdk</pre></li>
            <li> You need to build HotStop if you want to have fully functional project because 
                HotSpot has a lot of generated sources. If you just want to browse sources you
                can skip this step.<br/> 
                To build HotSpot 
                    <li>go to openjdk/hotspot/build/solaris</li>
                    <li>set JAVA_HOME variable to your JDK, e.g: <pre>export JAVA_HOME=/usr/java/</pre></li>
                    <li>give execution rights to with command <pre>chmod a+x</pre></li>
                    <li>run build command according to table below where &lt;dir&gt; is absolute path to your 
                    sources of hotspot, e.g. /export/home/openjdk/hotspot.</li>
            <li> Run NetBeans IDE with set up C/C++ development pack</li>
            <li> From NB open folder openjdk/hotspot/build. Choose one of next projects:  
   | Project for | Path to projects                       | Build Command
      server       solaris_i486_compiler2/projects/hotspot jvmg &lt;dir&gt;
      client       solaris_i486_compiler1/projects/hotspot jvmg1 &lt;dir&gt;
      core         solaris_i486_core/projects/hotspot jvmgcore &lt;dir&gt;
      tiered       solaris_i486_tiered/projects/hotspot jvmgtiered &lt;dir&gt;
                <b>Makefile: Unexpected end of line</b><br>
                    Reason: you are using dmake or make by default, but HotSpot require gmake (gnumake) to handle it's Makefiles<br>
                        <li>before building HotSpot you have to run next command: <pre>export MAKE=gmake</pre></li>
                        <li>in NetBeans IDE go to "Tools/Options" -> "C/C++ Setings" and change "make command" field to "gmake"</li>
            <li><b>Build reports compilers incompatibility</b><br>
                Reason: most likely you are using last Sun compilers version 5.9 and HotSpot wants 5.8 by default<br>
                    <li>in most cases 5.9 works the same way, run next commands to force build scripts to use 5.9:
export ENFORCE_C_COMPILER_REV=5.9</pre>
                    <li>if you would experience this problem in the IDE go to "Project Properties -> Make" and add next string to 
                    "build command" and "clean command" fields: <pre>ENFORCE_COMPILER_REV=5.9 ENFORCE_C_COMPILER_REV=5.9</pre></li>

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