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	<TITLE>NetBeans C/C++ Development Pack Tips</TITLE>
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<H1 ALIGN=CENTER>NetBeans C/C++ Development Pack Tips</H1>

Below is a list of a very brief tips that might be helpful when working with
NetBeans<FONT SIZE=2><SUP>TM</SUP></FONT> C/C++ Development Pack. 


Use Class View (Window &gt; Class View) to see the logical structure of the entire project

Press Alt-Q to activate quick navigator (drop down list in editor toolbar)

<br><li>Press Alt-G to go to declaration of the symbol under cursor

<br><li>Use control+Click to hyperlink to symbol declaration. 
This also works on <code>#include</code> directives (naigate to correspondent files)

When cursor points to the name of function, method or static field, 
control+Click or Alt-G navigates to the <b>definition</b> of this function or field.

You may easily add a bunch of the existing items to your project 
via "Add existing items from folders" item of the Projects explorer context menu

Use "Navigate" -&gt; "Go to C/C++ declaration" to find element (class, enum, function, global variable) by its name.

You may use code templates (abbreviations) with C/C++. 
For example, type "fori" and press enter. 
See that it expands to "for (int i = 0; i < ; i++) {}". 
You may edit templates: invoke via Tools -&gt; Options, select "Editor" and choose "Code Templates" tab.



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